Okay so now we’re getting a major thunder storm. How exciting! ÖvÖ

Did I miss the thunder?

Okay I am so in love with your comic, honestly I read it on a whim but now I am totally in love, this is such great artwork and an amazing story

Oh, thank you very much! :3c

Hiya!~ Huge huge huuge fan of your webcomic, it's a huge inspiration for someone like me x3 but just a pet peeve of mine is how you update two to three pages at the same time but only link to the latest page, wouldn't it be better to have links to the latest 5 or so pages on the front page? Aside from that please stay awesome and I look forward to more updates! =3

Thank you!

umm I always link the first updated page here… Or do you mean this thing on the Transfusions front page?

That’s something the SmackJeeves theme adds there automatically, if there’s an easy way to put more pages there I will but I’m not a html wizard so I can’t promise anything, sorry.

This summer became heaven !!!! so much good animes :D

Indeed, it’s like it’s 2007 again.

barakamon is good as nozaki!!!! Give it a try :D www(.)gogoanime(.)com/category/barakamon

Oh I’ve been watching Barakamon from the start. It’s really funny. The latest episode made me die a little too.

This Nozaki anime wil be the death of me….

Transfusions update!
To the page 324!

Transfusions update!

To the page 324!

Getting teary-eyed from thinking of my OCs being sad
I really haven’t felt like drawing anything lately besides the comic but I forced myself to just scribble something. Or well, Dylan.

I really haven’t felt like drawing anything lately besides the comic but I forced myself to just scribble something. Or well, Dylan.

I love your art and the web comic <3 its fab and sometime I want to cosplay Dylan. Just golly I just think your super rad.

Thank you, oh that would be really cool! ; u ;

man i really like your art style how long did it take you to develop it?

Thanks! Hmm well I guess I started practice drawing more seriously when I was like…. 14? Art style is something that’s constantly developing though.

Hi! I just wanted to say I absolutely adore your comic. It's wonderfully drawn and the characters are perfect.

Thank you very much! :))

Nieida!! I just wanted to let you know that the latest page and Dylan's outfit made me grin so much! The boy looks so handsome (obviously, Joa had a hand or two involved in the choice of that shirt/vest). It will be fun to read Joa talking to Dylan's buddies. Thank you for the hard work! :D

I’m glad you like :) Yeah, the vest would be Joa’s idea…

I follow Transfusions for quite some time, I love the comic, keep doing what you're doing <3. I have a question though. Does Joa even wear socks? Because it seems he wears his shoes barefoot, it's like: shoes, he pulls them off, then bam, feet and nothing else (I don't mind though ;>).

Thank you! :)

Usually he doesn’t… but if he’s going somewhere where it’d be really inappropriate he’d wear socks.