Transfusions asks

(about Joa’s hair, accent, erection, relation to Carolyn, car, Dylan’s hair and voice)

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The last Gekkan shoujo Nozaki-kun episode

Transfusions update delay

Yeah I decided to just rest tomorrow instead of drawing the new pages because I don’t think I’ll have enough energy for that right now. I’ll try to update as soon as I feel better.


I just watched the Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013) movie and it was very nice and their outfits were very nice

and the guys’ waists were

very nice

Oh my god…

You know what’s really tragic?

It’s your dad’s birthday and there’s cake but you can’t taste anything because you have a flu.

runningwolf62 replied to your photo: “Transfusions updaaaatee! to the page 338!”:
It’s not Sunday! What is this?

I didn’t update last Sunday because I was away so I’m updating now.

Transfusions updaaaatee!
to the page 338!

Transfusions updaaaatee!

to the page 338!

ANYWAY, Dylan made friends with Angie and Alf right at the beginning of their university life. Their group had the usual ice breaker games the first day and Angie was getting along with Alf since they found out they had similar interests and Angie thought Dylan seemed fun and interesting (being a shy emo oddball….) so she asked him go come have lunch with them and yeah. That’s about it. :>

Hey Nieidanine! I was just wondering if you read other "Yaoi" webcomics (Yeah, I don't much like the term either). Which ones would you recommend? Any of them have a nice storyline like Transfusions? (If you haven't already, I recommend you read Tripping Over You), it's cute!

Hmmm there’s only few BL webcomics I read regularly as they update, like Starfighter, White Heart, Light Romantic, Impact Theory and Avialae.

I don’t think Starfighter needs recommending, White Heart is quite dramatic but the main characters are really cute! Light Romantic is, as the name implies, light. Nothing too sappy or sexual, it’s just funny and cute. Impact Theory and Avialae are both pretty new so I can’t say much about those other than that they’re really, really pretty. Avialae especially seems very interesting.

I did start reading Tripping Over You some time ago but stopped and I haven’t catched up…..

Better photos of some of the TF stickers.

Oh man I fucking love Gangsta.- wait, ANIME??? (I have totally missed this information @_@ had to google that up. hmmm a bit scared and excited at the same time.)

Anyway, yeah! I love Gangsta. and was soooo happy to see it had been published in english. <3

I actually made a post about Gangsta. about a year ago.

shuszgeh replied to your post: Hellooo I’m back home and now it’s tim…

Was that awesome comic from iaikaa and some dimwit called shuszgeh any good?

Well the dialogue was a bit ….surprising and confusing. But I’m interested in seeing what will happen in the next issue.

The comic is very well done for a first zine. The quality’s really nice. It has sooo many pages and I was impressed that it comes in a cellophane bag! :D  That was really nice.

Good job! _b

I finally got my hands on some Tom of Finland stamps at a post office in Tampere.
Now would be a good time to send some letters to my friends in Japan :D

I finally got my hands on some Tom of Finland stamps at a post office in Tampere.

Now would be a good time to send some letters to my friends in Japan :D

Hellooo I’m back home and now it’s time for a Tracon 9 haul!

I got the manga (Gangsta. 1 & 2, Blue Exorcist 9 and Lies are a gentleman’s manners) and the eye of horus earrings from the dealers’ hall.

The rest of them are from the artist alley:
Call It Something from iaikaa and shuszgeh
Sketchbook from leppu
Lepakkoluola anthology from teamparvelo
My copy of the Beyond the Wall fan art zine and the angry fox sticker from evelmiina
Otus Opus 2 from myrntai
Ruusuilla Tanssimista from suspu (Team Pärvelö’s table)
A post card from annikapepita
(The Crow bookmark from ered-jaeger who had no table at AA but was kind to bring me one anyway <3)
Lovely animal scull stickers from arachnodentist

Oooh and also trenderman brought me chocolate again, thank you very much! You’re so sweet <3
Aaand an anonymous cutie brought me this little fanart!! Thank you!


(Also thank you raakelh for the tasty omiyage and anniilaugh for the big ass sketchpad! <3)

very nice loot all in all! P: